Loving for Life

This workshop helps  teens and their parents develop a sane, spiritually and physically healthy approach to the decision about sex and relationships.

how to get out of a sticky situation
developing a "rescue" code for  parents that means you need to come home 
what parents can do about parties, drinking and friends
the best approach to discipline for teens
what to say to boyfriends and girlfriends about sex
how parents can talk to their teens about sex

The workshop is fun and faith-filled, opening the doors to conversation about sex and relationships between parents and teens.

This workshop is available for any teenager 8th grade or older with or without parents.  A parent meeting is suggested prior to a student only workshop.

How long:
This workshop ranges in time from one to three hours, all at once or over several sessions.

This workshop works well in support of parishes that also use Theology of the Body

The Fruit of the Holy Spirit

This workshop  helps teens focus on their relationship with God and his Holy Spirit. During this workshop, teens and their parent will think about and discuss:

Self Control
   Participants will have the opportunity to consider their relationships with their family, friends and boyfriends and girlfriends in light of their relationship with God.

This workshop is ideal for confirmation preparation.

How long:
This workshop is 90 minutes long.