Critical Moral Decision Making

 In this workshop we take a look at the 10 Commandments to see how God’s rules for Moses apply to us today.

This workshop not only helps teens figure out what’s right and  wrong but it also gives them the tools they need to actually make the right decision when they are tested.

Teen and parent version includes several small conversations between parent and child about Moses, obedience, honesty, siblings, what to do when faced with modern day moral dilemmas such as drinking, meanness, internet temptations and more.

Teen only version covers these same topics and uses skits to practice refusal skills.

This workshop is for early teens, sixth through eighth grade.

How long:
This workshop is 1 ½ to 2 hours long

No longer a baby, not yet an adult

Fifth grade workshop covers decision making about TV, video games, truth telling, dealing with pressure, talking to parents.

Sixth grade workshop includes all of above with:
physical changes of puberty 
growth, hair, voice changes, menstrual cycle, nocturnal emissions
skin and hair changes including personal hygiene
changes in friendships
obedience to parents


fifth and sixth grade children and their parents

How long:
girls 45 min-60 min hour physical puberty
boys 30 -45 minutes physical puberty
boys and girls together 45-60 min-social puberty 
parent/child 60-90 minutes
parent alone 90 minutes.

Parent night required if children are seen during school day.